Our Special Educational Needs and Disability provision (SEND) is led by Mrs Zoe Daniel, Assistant Head and SENDCo (SEND Co-ordinator). Mrs Daniel is currently on maternity leave.

She is supported by Mrs Marian Haimes, Headteacher and Dr Miles Tawell, SEND Governor.

The SENDCo’s role is to identify pupils with special needs and advise colleagues of strategies and interventions to support their learning.  We work closely with pupils, parents and professional agencies to ensure their views are heard and their needs are met.

Thomas Johnson Lower School provides an inclusive education for all pupils, including children looked after by the local authority.  We aim to meet each pupil’s individual needs, helping them to reach their full potential.  The links below give full details about the support we offer.  You may also want to look at the local authority’s Local Offer on

To contact us regarding SEND please call the school on 01525 402377 or email

2019-20 SEND policy

2019-20 Accessibility Plan

SEND report 2019

Extra Help With Learning

Extra Help and Support

How accessible is the school

How will school support my child

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs

How will the school support my child during transitional periods

What SEND training have staff members had

What should I do if I think my child has Special Educational Needs

What specialist services and expertise are available at school

What support will there be for the overall well-being of my child

Which areas might children need extra help or support

Who can I contact for further information

Who should I contact if I am considering my child joining TJLS

Who will explain the provision which is available to my child

How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to the children’s needs

How do teachers know if a child needs extra help with learning

How do we know if it has had an impact

How does the school know how well my child is doing

How does the school manage administration of medicines

How is the decision made about how much support my child will need

How is the learning environment monitored

How will I know how well my child is doing

How will my child be included in activities taking part outside of the classroom

SEND INFO for parents carers

Who should I contact if I am considering my child starting Thomas Johnson Lower School?

Please contact our Office Manager Helen Barron on 01525 402377, or send an email to