“Pupils are friendly and polite. They understand what is expected of them. Pupils behave well in lessons. They pay attention and concentrate on the tasks they have been set. This ensures that there is no disruption to learning.” – Ofsted, November 2022

Welcome to our page all about promoting positive behaviour.

Our approach to behaviour is underpinned by our vision, SHINE Rules and Core Habits. These are outlined below – along with the language we use with children to help them access and understand these terms.

Having a learning culture where we are respectful and kind to each other is key to building the positive environment we have at TJLS.

Our vision

Everything we do is underpinned by our vision of Dream, Discover, Flourish.

In child friendly terms this means:

Dream: Start small, think BIG

Discover: I can and I will

Flourish: My potential is endless

The SHINE Rules

At TJLS, we have agreed a set of rules which determine appropriate behaviour within the classroom, school building, playground and during lunchtime. These rules are reviewed regularly in class and assemblies, particularly at the beginning of each academic year, and are displayed in each classroom.

Using the SHINE approach (because we want to shine and be our best selves), our rules are underpinned by a set of core values. The SHINE approach expects every member of the school community to demonstrate the following values:

  • Safe: Be kind and gentle to all
  • Honesty: Be truthful and trustworthy
  • Independent: Take ownership of your choices
  • Nurture: Show understanding and patience
  • Engaged: Listen to everybody and try your best

The TJLS Core Values underpin the school’s curriculum and support the children’s personal development in order to make them well rounded citizens prepared for life. The school rewards children when they display these core values, as we believe it will develop an ethos of kindness and cooperation.

Our Core Habits

We want children to develop a set of core habits that will help them to dream, discover and flourish with learning – as well as in life.

They are:


This is our number one habit. We understand that we can choose our attitude every morning. By coming to school and choosing to be positive, we are giving ourselves the best chance to flourish and be the best we can be.


We want to see everyone showing great manners so that every member of our community feels valued and cared for. By showing the SHINE values in everyday life we are committed to being polite and respectful to each other.  You will see good manners everywhere in our school; with people holding doors open, walking to the left, saying please and thank you, and above all – smiling!


We take huge pride in everything we do. We want to feel proud of what we achieve and also impress anyone who looks at our learning and around our school. You will see beautiful handwriting and neat learning laid out carefully in our well-kept books.


We want everyone to look and feel ready to learn. We are proud of our uniform and want every child to feel proud and stand tall when they put it on every day. We make sure our shirts are tucked in and our collars are folded over so we can look smart and feel smart. This also goes for our learning environment. We want the appearance of our school to be special. We want it to inspire us and any visitors every day. Following this habit makes sure our learning spaces are neat, tidy and ready for learning.


We want our school to be a safe place for everyone who uses it. We understand that walking sensibly around school and on the left is a vital habit to have. This ensures our school is calm, relaxed and organised. You will see lots of signs around school thanking you for walking on the left.

The TJLS Promise

Our TJLS Promise is made at the start of every year. Adults and children follow the same promise which helps remind us of school vision, values and habits. We pride ourselves in the kind and caring culture created at TJLS.


We believe that learners should try hard, not because they are told to, but because they want to improve. However, we recognise that rewards have a motivational role. They can help children to see and understand what good behaviour looks like and understand that it is valued. We focus on rewards to reinforce good behaviour, rather than sanctions to emphasise failures. Rewards are earned by maintaining high standards and also through noteworthy achievements. This is also true for adults.

A range of rewards, including formal and informal incentives, is used to recognise and celebrate achievement and good behaviour in order to raise self-esteem. These are explicit to the children through our Behaviour Levels which are displayed throughout the school. The range of rewards include:

Informal Rewards are used to give children immediate praise and may include;

  • Verbal praise. This should always identify the particular behaviour or reason for giving it, e.g. ‘I’m really pleased that you have shared the Lego with John.’ ’I like the way that you……’ ‘Thank you for ……’
  • Stamps in children’s books with a written reason for the success.
  • Showing learning to other staff members, including the Headteacher.
  • Talking to parents about achievements.
  • A smile or thumbs up.
  • Collecting whole class rewards.

Formal Rewards include;

  • Reward time earned as a whole class
  • House Points – with Bronze, Silver and Gold milestones
  • Half-termly House Point Cup
  • Star of the week
  • Reader of the week
  • Sportsperson of the week
  • Duggee the Every Day Dog – weekly class attendance award
  • The Golden Brush – awarded to the tidiest class each week
  • Half-termly 100% attendance awards
  • Half-termly Early Bird awards – for never being late
  • Individual adult awards – each adult can give award once per year
  • Marvellous Manners certificate – awarded half-termly to one child per class


To develop a sense of community, teamwork and responsibility, each child is assigned to one of four houses. Each house is named after an area of local significance.

Behaviour Levels Ladder

As a school, we believe that it is crucial that children understand what behaviour is expected, and what going beyond the expected looks like. We also believe that children should understand the consequences of choosing not to meet these expectations. The Behaviour Levels are displayed prominently around school and are referred to by all staff on posters.

The Behaviour Levels Ladder will be displayed clearly in each class – and each child will have their name on a card. Their name can move up and down on the ladder each day to reflect their behaviour choices.

These levels are aimed to provide consistency and clarity (for staff, children and parents). However, we recognise that identified children (with specific needs) may be working towards individualised behaviour targets – and this must be taken into account. The overall aim of the targets (and additional support) is to enable every child to meet our high expectations.

The behaviour levels ladder is ongoing and children are encouraged to reach the top over the course of the day. At the end of the school day, each child’s name returns to ‘Ready to learn’ for the start of the next day.

Click here to see the Behaviour Levels Ladder.

Learning and Wellbeing Zones

Based on the academic work of Ferre Laevers, the school uses Learning and Wellbeing Zones to help children understand and communicate how they are feeling through their behaviour. It also supports children to understand how their level of engagement and effort directly correlates to their achievement.

Click here to the Learning and Wellbeing Zones.

Our culture of promoting positive relationships

Here is a summary of our vision, the SHINE Rules and Values, our Core Habits and our promise. Together they all promote the positive relationships you see across our school. The Behaviour Levels support all our children in a positive way to uphold and be part of the amazing culture we are all proud of.

Our VISION is what we want to see.

Our SHINE VALUES are what we hold inside of us.

Our HABITS are our actions we do without thinking.

Our PROMISE brings together our vision, values and habits – and shows how they all link together to make our school such a happy place.

You can read the full Behaviour Policy by clicking here.