“House points, attendance awards and recognition for when pupils demonstrate school values, all help to create a harmonious school community.” – Ofsted, November 2022

Attendance – Every Minute Counts

Attendance and punctuality at school is not only a legal requirement but also has a huge impact on the attainment and progress of our children. Attendance also has an impact on the judgement Ofsted makes – a school with attendance below the national average (and it is not improving) cannot be a “good” school. This is why it is so crucial to maintain really good attendance and punctuality throughout the year.

 Did you know?

  • 95% attendance = 10 days absent a year
  • 90% attendance = 20 days absent a year
  • 85% attendance = 30 days absent a year
  • 80% attendance = 40 days absent a year

“Every Minute Counts”

If your child is late every day… In a year your child would lose the following days education…
5 minutes late 3 days
10 minutes late 6 ½ days
15 minutes late 10 days
20 minutes late 13 days
30 minutes late 19 ½ days


Establishing good patterns of attendance now – and only taking days off when it is really necessary – is preparing our children to succeed in their future lives.


It is important to be on time at the start of the morning and afternoon sessions and also to lessons. The start of school/lessons is used to give out instructions or organise work. If your child is late they can miss time with their class teacher getting vital information, cause disruption to the lesson for others, and it can be embarrassing leading to possible further absence.

Our school gates open at 8.40am.

  • During this time, children are to be supervised at all times by their parents and carers.
  • The play trail, pirate ship and field are all out of bounds during this time.
  • Children must not take part in any rough play within the school site.

The doors open and the school day will begin at 8.50am.

  • Children in Year 1-4 come into school via the ramp.
  • Children in Pre-School and Reception will enter via the door off the patio area – or the hall door if not fully repaired.
  • Registers will open at 8.50am.
  • We appreciate that some families need to drop children off at both doors – please don’t worry, we will wait for you.

The doors will close at 8.55am.

  • Almost every day, every child is in school by this time.
  • Because of the number of children we have on roll, there is no reason for the door to be kept open any longer.
  • The register will be taken promptly at 8.55am.

Latecomers will need to sign in at the front office.

  • Any child arriving after 8.55am will need to be signed in at the front office – and a reason provided for the lateness.
  • They will receive a late mark in the register.
  • Any child arriving after 9.15am will need signing in as above – and will receive an unauthorised absence mark in the register.
  • 10 unauthorised absences in any 12-week period will be referred to the local authority and a fixed penalty notice will be issued.

The school day starts at 8.50am and ends at 3.20pm. This is 6 ½ hours per day and 32 ½ hours per week.

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