Our Values-based Education underpins everything we do and helps us provide a caring, positive learning environment where everyone is respected.  Pupils develop their understanding about a set of 22 values over a 2-year rolling programme.  These values are also linked to a range of feelings, both positive and negative, so the at pupils learn what those “butterflies in my tummy” might actually mean.  Through Casey the Caterpillar they are taught that “Feelings are feeling, they come and they go.  We don’t have to be afraid of our feelings, we just need to know how to manage them”.

Values and feelings cycle

We are a Values Education School

Values Monthly Newsletters

January co-operation and disappointment

February fairness and frustrated

March forgiveness and loved

September – Respect and Feeling Proud

October – Friendship and Anger

November – Understanding and Feeling Sad

December – Sharing and Jealousy